Agtech Accelerator announces its Advisory Council

As we prepare to launch the Agtech Accelerator in March with our first cohort, we are proud to announce the following industry experts as they join the Accelerator as our first Advisory Council.

Doug Zolinsky headshot
Doug Zolinsky
Director-General, Prairies Economic Development Canada
Kari Harvey headshot
Kari Harvey
CEO, Innovation Saskatchewan
Kim McConnell headshot
Kim McConnell
Former Founder & CEO, AdFarm
Kim Nicholson headshot
Kim Nicholson
VP of Agtech and Innovation, Mosaic Company
Kyle Folk headshot
Kyle Folk
Founder, IntraGrain (acq.)
Kyle Scott headshot
Kyle Scott
Managing Director, Conexus Venture Capital Inc. & Emmertech
Kristjan Hebert
Kristjan Hebert
Managing Partner, Hebert Grain Ventures

Together with our founding partners, Economic Development Regina and Emmertech, we feel fortunate to have the credibility and experience of these individuals behind the Agtech Accelerator. As a collective group, the Agtech Accelerator Advisory Council  shares years of experience, different views in the industry, and extensive knowledge in the global business market. As the first cohort of companies enters programming in just over a month, we know each of the tech startups will benefit from the Advisory Council’s insight and support they’ll provide to the program.

To learn more about the Agtech Accelerator and the Advisory Council, click here.


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