Building Startups One Mentor at a Time

February 9th, 2021

When the community comes together, we all thrive. On Feb. 5 & 6, over 30 mentors from across North America joined us for a Founders Retreat and our 24 Hour Startup.


Nineteen mentors, including Max Schmeiser, Head of Data Science at Twitter, and Jason Warner, CTO of GitHub, took part in our Founders Retreat, talking all things data, marketing, investment and growth with our GROW and SCALE Founders.



Providing guidance and expertise on all things marketing, design, tech, and more, 21 local experts helped our 24 Hour Startup Teams build their minimum viable products, all within just 24 hours!


Thank you to all of the mentors who took part in last week’s events, and to all those who have provided advice throughout the years. Because of you, we are helping #founders launch, grow and scale their companies right here in Saskatchewan, and showing why Saskatchewan isn’t the place to be from, but the place to be.

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