Celebrating Our 1st Birthday with a 24 Hour Startup!

Monday / August 26

We’re turning ONE and the candles aren’t the only thing that’s going to be LIT!

January 31, 2020 marks one year since we launched Cultivator and our startups have given us so many reasons to celebrate.

On January 24 + 25 we’re celebrating by doing what we do best – launching new high growth startups in Saskatchewan by hosting a birthday edition of our signature 24 Hour Startup event.

Wait, what’s 24 Hour Startup?

24 Hour Startup brings together the best and brightest entrepreneurs, talented developers, lead designers and makers to pitch ideas, form teams, and build a minimum viable product (MVP) in 24 hours – don’t worry you don’t have to stay overnight! This diverse group converges and together will build something new & innovative. The MVP is then pitched to judges and in this case, at our 1st birthday party for a chance to win up to $2500 in prizes!

Fun Fact: September 2019 Throwback

Before Cultivator had officially launched, we held our first ever 24 Hour Startup event in September 2019 to bring the ecosystem together and some of the OG 24 Hour Startup companies are a part of our programming today!

We look forward to hosting and seeing you at future events! For more information follow us on social!


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