Meet START Cohort 4!

April 1st, 2021

This group of Saskatchewan’s newest tech startups is just over the halfway milestone of START Cohort 4! They have learned everything from building a brand to sales and growth!🚀

ALL 13 companies will be pitching at Demo Day on April 29th! Mark your calendars – this is an all-star group you won’t want to miss!🤩

Let’s get to know them:


Weave Risk Solutions is building the platform and a new class of insurance products that will let people pool and transfer all sizes of risks fairly and transparently.


Store to Door is a branded platform that allows retailers the ability to offer a cost-effective same-day delivery service to their customers.


PayTrail is developing an application that allows a user to transfer receipt data from the till, directly to their account, without ever actually printing a receipt. This solution will eliminate the outdated paper and inconvenient email receipt options, as well as help retailers meet their sustainability goals.


LoveAlert is a mobile app that allows users to anonymously show interest in others and connect. Using a unique spin on in-person anonymous connections, their product effectively targets an under-monetized/typically hard to reach demographic.


Live in Peace is an app that helps people plan and store important information quickly and easily at their convenience.  It allows people to get things in order prior to their passing so their loved ones don’t have to worry about all the details at their most vulnerable time.


Juni is dedicated to developing an inclusive and comprehensive tracking application for sexual and reproductive health events (including period, trying to conceive, pregnancy, medication, birth control, and menopause). 


Isobody provides members an Isobody number— a simple, codified version of their complex anthropometric data—which they can use to match with Isobody-numbered clothing from major retailers. The result is clothes that you KNOW will fit your body.


 HouseBidder provides prospective buyers and sellers an online process that offers resources, fillable forms, and step-by-step guides so people can buy and sell property by themselves.


Fundraisn automatically plans, promotes, manages and reconciles the time-consuming activities associated with the entire fundraising cycle. They connect local businesses to local causes, and are currently expanding this service across Canada.


BudSense helps cannabis retailers improve their cannabis menus by utilizing their digital and print menu platform. They offer custom themes, accurate location based thc and cbd percentages, and a user friendly dashboard that allows retailers to make changes to menus in real time.

Agreeably aims is to help businesses, no matter the size, access simple legal contracts that service providers and clients can actually understand. Their platform is designed to help create, share and provide plain language explanations on all contracts, viewable to both clients and contractors.


Well’N is solving the problem that Health and Wellness Service Providers have, which is searching for an easy and inexpensive online platform to facilitate their business. Consumers want less options and the ability to consume services digitally with their total health picture taken into consideration.


This cohort also includes our first-ever corporate incubation project powered by Conexus Credit Union.  Stay tuned for more details!



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