Beautiful Mood offers daily mood tracking, journal prompts (such as gratitude journaling), and reports that give you insight into what’s affecting your moods. Every day, we’ll ask you how you’re doing and you’ll tell us. It’s as simple as that!


Boardcheckup is a Software as s Service (SaaS) company with the mission of helping boards of directors resolve problems of performance and make intentional changes in behavior in alignment with good governance practice.

Brew Ninja is software that enables breweries to operate as a business by providing an integrated solution for inventory, accounting, sales, delivery, and retail. They have developed a product that is the central hub for breweries.


Citrus is the best software platform for running a youth camp or program. They make it easy to handle logistics and operations so you can focus on what really matters


FarmSimple Solutions is an agriculture technology company that provides IoT devices and remote power solutions for farmers and agricultural producers who need to monitor and control critical equipment required in their operations.


FIX IT UP provides a safe, reliable, and convenient quoting experience with a focus to bring a comfortable working environment between users & businesses!


HomeTeam Live is a hardware-software company that is helping local community sports connect and grow by streaming and watching local sports from anywhere.


HYON eliminates waste and creates both transparency and circularity within your organization. We will partner with you to maximize your assets’ value and lifespan while minimizing their impact on the environment.


Our commitment is that memoryKPR will keep your memories safe and protected. We will be what you pull off the digital shelf – when you want to remember or be remembered, for all the years to come. You own your data, your own your media, we keep it one click away, always.


Prairie Robotics is a waste management software designed to improve the efficiency and reporting of waste sites. Prairie Robotics optimizes the recycling stream and saves municipalities money by improving waste allocation and introducing improved recycling practices.


Wave9 is providing AI-based process optimization and cleantech solutions to Oil & Gas producers, positively impacting both environmental stewardship and profitability.


Wheelhouse Live is a live and on-demand indoor cycling platform and at-home bike. We bring the community and energy of group fitness to your house.