BudSense is a paper/digital Cannabis menu and marketing platform for retail cannabis store operators.

Limbus AI provides software solutions for cancer radiation therapy with a mission to build machine learning-based software products to improve efficiency and clinical workflows in cancer radiation treatment planning.

Offstreet’s license plate-based parking validation software helps organizations self-manage their complimentary employee, customer, and guest parking. They provide a hands-off solution that enables parking operators to convert to a fully digital and decal-less environment.

ServiceBox is a cloud-based software helping the field service industry manage the end-to-end business from quoting and work orders to scheduling, inventory, invoicing, and more.

SolusGuard is a technology designed to keep people who work alone or in dangerous positions safe. SolusGuard provides safety solutions to companies looking to protect their at-risk or lone workers.

StoreToDoor is a branded platform that gives retailers the ability to offer a cost-effective same-day delivery service to their customers.