24 Hour Startup | AGTECH takes on Canada’s Farm Show!


We recently had our 24-Hour Startup | AGTECH, where we hosted participants at Canada’s Farm Show! From groundbreaking agtech ideas to intense collaboration, and electric pitches, the event attracted participants from across SK as well as mentors and experts supporting from various fields. Entrepreneurs, developers, and designers worked tirelessly, spending 24 hours ideating, connecting with industry producers to enhance their market research, and building tech solutions to pitch to an audience of over 150 people. 

  • 5 teams
  • 26 participants
  • 12 mentors & mavens
  • 140 cups of coffee
  • 35 mentorship sessions
  • 8 lightbulb ideas
24 Hour Startup | AGTECH Companies
  • Scan My Herd
  • FeedFlow
  • AgriExchange
  • AgMentor
  • Agrevive

Reflecting on 24 Hour Startup | AGTECH, we’re eager to see if any of the innovative agtech solutions will be brought to life in the coming months! Participants showcased impressive talent, executing their visions in a short time frame. We’re excited to see how these innovators will continue to shape the future of tech in Saskatchewan. They’re just getting started!

Here is a look at the WINNING innovative solutions that were developed by the teams during the event…


Company Name: Scan My Herd

Problem: Cattle tagging is mandatory in Canada, yet the registration process is overly cumbersome, posing a significant administrative challenge for farmers and stakeholders.

Solution: Advanced RFID tags that support efficient data management via both tag storage and external databases, enhancing cattle tracking and health management.


Company Name: AgMentor

Problem: Technology in equipment is advancing quicker than producers can keep up.

Solution: Application that bridges the gap for producers knowledge of advanced technology by allowing them to scan the interior console of their farm machinery and provide information on how to operate properly and efficiently. 

FIRST PLACE WINNER – $4,000 + $5,000 in legal services from McKercher LLP

Company Name: FeedFlow

Problem: Farmers lack accurate data on feed trough usage, resulting in financial losses and operational inefficiencies without effective data interpretation tools.

Solution: A software that tracks key feed data, aggregates, interprets and visualizes feed data for farmers. 

Our team would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to all of our mavens, mentors, pitch scrubbers, technical judges, and pitch finale judges. Your time and expertise were instrumental in guiding and supporting our participants throughout the event.

Mavens: “expert or connoisseur/volunteer guide to a 24 Hour Startup team” –  members of our ecosystem with experience in startups
  • Sarah Wilson
  • Dastu Omer, Citrus
  • Hannah Tait, GATE
  • Kaitlyn Stricker, Twello
  • Greg Elkington, Offstreet
Mentors: “experienced and trusted advisers”
  • Landon Fahlman, Senior Product Owner – FCC
  • Jeremy Foster, Managing Partner – Open Path Partners
  • Owen Kot, Manager – MNP
  • Terry Aberhart, Founder & Producer – Aberhart Farms
  • Kyla Henry, Instructor – Sask Polytech
  • Annie Quangtakoune, Lawyer – McKercher LLP
  • Jayden Raabel, Design Engineer – Dutch Agriculture
Pitch Scrubbers: “get into the nitty-gritty details + clean up the pitch presentations”  – founders from Cultivator’s GROW + SCALE program
  • Ami Caragata, Director of Customer Success – Intelliculture
  • Harrison Lars-Hansen, Analyst – Conexus Venture Capital
Technical Judges –  team members of Cultivator GROW + SCALE companies
  • Taylor Fox, Senior Software Developer – Ethena
  • Joel Rathgaber, VP Tech – SolusGuard
  • Nikki Pelchat, Principal Software Engineer – Lumeca Health
  • Tony Arkles, Senior Engineer – Precision AI
Pitch Finale Judges
  • Karissa Peterson, Founder & CEO – Haus of Ops
  • Chad Cardiff, Founder & Producer – Binstor
  • Mokah Shmigelsky, COO – OneCup AI

24 Hour Startup | AGTECH


Check out the video recap that our friends at Tandem X Visuals created for us:

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