Agtech Accelerator

Saskatchewan is home to a vibrant startup culture and a strong ecosystem of world-leading agriculture and food companies. There is no better time than now, and no better place than Saskatchewan to lead the growth of agtech in Canada and beyond.

The Agtech Accelerator brings both agriculture and technology together to accelerate the growth of Canadian agtech startups built to solve global problems. This venture capital backed accelerator is built with founders and farmers as the foundation – we believe this is the recipe for success.

The What

3-month accelerator program with a minimum $100K equity investment.

Cultivator powered by Conexus (Cultivator), Economic Development Regina (EDR), and Emmertech, have partnered to accelerate the cultivation of Canadian agtech through the launch of an Agtech Accelerator. What makes the Agtech Accelerator unique is that it is venture-capital-backed. Companies selected to participate will have the opportunity to receive an equity investment at intake via Emmertech – a first for an accelerator in Saskatchewan and Canada.

Those selected to be a part of the Accelerator’s yearly cohort will benefit from a three-month virtual and in-person accelerator program that provides Canadian agtech startups with access to capital, programming, connections, and mentorship needed to help them scale.

The Who

The Agtech Accelerator is open to Seed to Series A Canadian startups with technology solutions focused in the following areas:

  • Big data and predictive analytics
  • Supply chain, traceability, and sustainability
  • Precision agriculture
  • Robotics and automation
  • Farm management
  • Sensing and Internet of Things
  • Software and hardware
  • Animal health

The Why

Unparalleled access to investors, industry, and farmers.

A high-performance accelerator needs to provide impactful programming, access to capital, and key industry connections. Through the partnership of Emmertech (capital), EDR (industry), and Cultivator (programming) we’ve got the perfect recipe for cultivating Canada’s Agtech sector!

As an Agtech Accelerator cohort company, you’ll get:

  • High-impact programming with exclusive access to services, perks, and discounts
  • Exposure to national and international investors and organizations
  • Access to expert mentors and advisors
  • Reoccurring connections with producers and farmers from across the nation
  • Access to high-profile corporate and industry leaders

As with many other industries, technology is driving global agriculture forward. The future relies on collaboration, innovation, and the ability to leverage our strengths and become leaders who drive a sustainable future here at home, across the country, and around the world. Who better to lead the growth of agtech in Canada and beyond than Saskatchewan:

  • Home to more than 40% of Canada’s cultivated farmland – some of the most productive farmland in the world.
  • Strong ecosystem of world-leading agtech and foodtech companies, renowned education and research institutions, world-class transportation and logistics infrastructure, and a strong business community.
  • Builder of agtech focused venture capital fund, Emmertech.
  • Vibrant startup culture and community that’s growing astronomically and setting new heights within the tech ecosystem.
  • Numerous local and government supports, helping founders launch, grow, and scale.
  • Saskatchewan has always been a leader in agriculture, and we’re driven to continue leading into the future.

The Where

A high-impact hybrid program with key in-person activations.

Our first cohort will follow a hybrid program model with some in-person and virtual components. This includes two weeks of founders having the opportunity to be boots on the ground from the Cultivator HQ and leveraging key contacts and resources across the great province of Saskatchewan.

Cultivator has the advantage of operating in a hyper-connected mid-sized ecosystem like Saskatchewan with the added ability to deliver programming to founders from across Canada.

The When

Cohort 1 launched in March 2022

  • Kick-off week: March 14-18, 2022
  • Virtual programming: March – June, 2022
  • Finale week + Demo Day: June 20-24, 2022


The Agtech Accelerator will host one cohort each year, taking place during the Winter months to coincide with farming off-season to ensure optimal time for growth, investment, and recruitment. At the end of the programming, companies will pitch their ideas at Demo Day to a panel of judges.

Cohort applications open in the fall of each year. Follow us on social media to stay to keep up-to-date on all things happening at Cultivator.


Million Acres Project

We are bringing producers and founders together by creating a network that represents a collective of one million acres around the world.


agtech accelerator founders

Meet our Cohort 1

We’re proud to share the 16 Canadian and UK companies joining us for our inaugural Agtech Accelerator cohort.


agtech accelerator partner

Meet our Agtech Accelerator Partners

Each of our Agtech Accelerator partners brings their own unique assets that will contribute to accelerating the innovation and commercialization of game-changing technologies on a global scale, and help us to build globally competitive leaders within the agtech space.


agtech accelerator advisory

Meet our Advisory Council

As a collective group, the Agtech Accelerator Advisory Council  shares years of experience, different views in the industry, and extensive knowledge in the global business market.


agtech accelerator founders (1)

Cultivating the Future of Agtech

Saskatchewan has always been a leader in agriculture and the Agtech Accelerator allows us to continue leading into the future.


The latest news


July 5, 2022 News

Agtech Accelerator Cohort 1 Finale Week Recap

After 8 weeks of virtual programming, 20 founders, from our Agtech Accelerator, reconnected in Regina to conclude their formal programming with Cultivator. Take a look back at some of the events the Agtech Accelerator founders attended during their visit to Regina in June, 2022.



May 30, 2022 News

Cultivator hosts Lucent Bioscience $19 million announcement

Protein Industries Canada (PIC), AGT Food and Ingredients Inc. (“AGT Foods”), Lucent BioSciences (“Lucent”), NuWave Research, IN10T, and Aberhart Ag Solutions announce a collaborative project that includes the installation of a new manufacturing process for the production of Soileos in Rosetown, Saskatchewan. Find out more here!



May 24, 2022 News

Saskatchewan rallies behind the next wave of innovation in agriculture

Whether it's government, industry, mentors, or producers... when asked, Saskatchewan shows up without hesitation! Read how here.



March 24, 2022 News

Agtech Accelerator kick-off week recap

Our Agtech Accelerator Cohort 1 kick-off week is officially in the rearview mirror and what a week it was -- full of connection, learning, and excitement. What started as a vision, has turned into Canada’s first venture-backed Agtech Accelerator, bringing together some of the top agtech companies from across Canada and the United Kingdom. Read the recap here.



March 31, 2022 News

‘March Madness’ turned ‘Mentor Madness’ at the Agtech Accelerator

Over the course of 5 days, Cohort 1 founders, from across Canada and the UK, formed connections with a wide variety of mentors from the agriculture industry. Through mentorship, the founders are able to develop and sharpen their skills, as well as gain access to a broader ecosystem of industry connections. Learn more about this expert lineup here!


Agtech Accelerator Cohort 1 UK company logos

March 10, 2022 News

Meet the UK companies who were selected for our Agtech Accelerator Cohort 1

Meet the UK Companies joining Cohort 1 of the Agtech Accelerator: RAFT Solutions, Agrolabs, Small Robot Company, Crop Intellect, Smartbell, and Fotenix. Meet them here.


Agtech Accelerator Cohort 1 company logos

March 9, 2022 News

From far and wide: meet our Canadian Agtech Accelerator Cohort 1 companies

We are just days away from officially welcoming our cohort of 16 companies from across Canada and the United Kingdom; as they join us in Regina for the official kick-off of week one of their programming in the Agtech Accelerator. Get to know the Canadian companies here.


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