This program is for founders who are fully committed to their startup, have a product in the market, and are generating revenue – under $250K annually.

Founders are focused on refining their product/market fit and scaling their business from beta users to recurring revenue. This program is 12-24 months and has a rolling intake-outtake as founders work to hit key milestones.

Program Overview

  • Intensive market resource and competitor analysis
  • Refine your solution with customer feedback
  • Develop products at a faster pace
  • Recruiting and hiring key team members
  • Advance your slide deck to be investor-ready
  • Refine the skills needed to be an effective founder
  • Define key startup metrics to measure growth and traction

Program Benefits

  •  Access to Cultivator Community of Founders & Startups
  •  Access to experts, mentors, and investors through Cultivator introductions
  •  Access to all partners and service providers
  •  Use of Cultivator Slack for you and your entire team
  •  Speaking opportunities at Cultivator events
  •  Perks + Discounts
  •  Assigned desking, meeting rooms, and event space
  •  Strong wifi and even stronger coffee, and much more!
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