24 Hour Startup “time warp”


We are STILL riding the high after hosting an INCREDIBLE 24 Hour Startup for the first time in person at our new HQ! Looking back, it’s incredible to see what the participants were able to build in such a short amount of time!  This sell-out event was one of our most collaborative 24 Hour Startups yet — we featured participants from across Saskatchewan and engaged mentors and experts from all kinds of expertise. In just 24 hours participants created teams, ideated, built, and pitched a tech solution for an audience of over 250 people. Our Cultivator team facilitated this timed event with…

  • 49 participants
  • 21 ideas
  • 7 teams
  • 15 mentors & mavens
  • 70+ mentorship sessions
  • 300+ cups of coffee
  • 250+ attendees at the Pitch Finale
2023: 24 Hour Startup Companies
  • CrackCatch
  • Iskoces
  • FinFun
  • KidKonnect
  • EnrollEasy
  • HayThere
  • ScoutUp

We can’t wait to see if some of the companies in 24 Hour Startup get plugged into Cultivator’s programming in the coming months! The talent of the participants was showcased in every aspect as they executed their vision and collaborated in a short time frame. Here is a look at the WINNING innovative solutions that were developed by teams…


Company Name: KidKonnect

Problem: Parents and guardians suffer monetary loss waiting to connect with trusted and secure childcare providers.

Solution: Streamlining the process of looking for and acquiring childcare services.



Company Name: HayThere

Problem: Farmers/ranchers have trouble finding access to hay throughout the year and current selling platforms (Facebook Marketplace, Kijiji) are not sufficient.

Solution: Online site where buyers and sellers can easily connect and locate Hay close to their location.



Company Name: EasyEnroll

Problem: There is a disconnect between students and universities in the enrollment process, causing confusion and frustration.

Solution: Unleash the power of seamless student recruitment and enrollment with the one-stop solution for Universities. Specifically designed for recruiting international students, say goodbye to middle-men agents and hello to a streamlined and efficient decision-making process that saves valuable time for post-secondary students.



Our team would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to all of our mavens, mentors, pitch scrubbers, technical judges, and pitch finale judges who spent their time with us assisting participants.

Mavens: “expert or connoisseur/volunteer guide to a 24 Hour Startup team” –  team members of Cultivator GROW + SCALE companies
  • Ashley Zapshala, Budsense
  • Ethan Mychayluk, Budsense
  • Kaitlyn Stricker, Twello
  • Hannah Tait, ProdYous
  • Logan Seidlik – Design Captain
  • Patrick Ullrich – Technical Captain
Mentors: “experienced and trusted advisers”
  • Erin Trapp, Manager of Investor Relations & Portfolio Management – Conexus Venture Capital & Emmertech
  • Tom Kishchuk, Clean Energy SME | Fractional COO | Executive in Residence | Board Director | Angel Investor
  • Rogan Vleming, Vice President of Data & Analytics – Conexus Credit Union
  • Tait Nystuen, Senior Manager – MNPKyle Gibson
  • Fractional CFOLarry Anderson
  • Chief Relationship Officer – Chess Club
  • Carl Sheldon, Chief Creative Officer – Chess Club
  • Annie Quangtakoune, Lawyer – McKercher LLP
Pitch Scrubbers: “get into the nitty-gritty details + clean up the pitch presentations”  – founders from Cultivator’s GROW + SCALE program
  • Kayla Baum, Founder – Twello
  • Jessica McNaughton, Co-founder – MemoryKPR
  • Scott Love, Co-founder – StoretoDoor
Technical Judges –  team members of Cultivator GROW + SCALE companies
  • Taylor Fox, CTO + Co-founder – MemoryKPR
  • David Crossman, CTO + Co-founder – Citrus
  • Tim Borgares, Co-founder – 54e Dev Studios
Pitch Finale Judges
  • Danielle Gifford, Executive Director – Movement51
  • Dana Abdulla, Senior Manager – Bell Ventures
  • Marty Yaskowitch, Fractional CMO




Check out the video recap that our friends at Strategy Lab Marketing created for us:

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