Accelerating the cultivation of Canadian agtech


We’re proud to announce that we’ve teamed up with Economic Development Regina (EDR) and the soon-to-be-launched venture capital fund, Emmertech, to launch an AGTECH ACCELERATOR program.

Through this partnership, we’re solidifying Saskatchewan as a global agtech hub for investment, commercialization, and job creation. Between EDR’s industry connections, access to capital through Emmertech, and Cultivator’s programming we bring what is needed to help Canadian agtech startups take their companies to the next level.

We’re also excited to share that Innovation Saskatchewan is coming on board as a funding partner, with a $300,000 commitment over the next three years. Through this funding we can accelerate game-changing innovation, further positioning Saskatchewan as a global leader for agtech and food tech.

What is an AGTECH ACCELERATOR program?

This program will provide world-leading agtech and food tech companies with the mentorship, resources, programming, and funding needed to help them take their startup to the next level.

What makes the AGTECH ACCELERATOR program unique is that it is venture capital-backed. Companies selected to participate will receive an equity investment at intake – an accelerator first in Saskatchewan and Canada.

Why now?

As with many other industries, technology is driving global agriculture forward. Our future relies on collaboration, innovation, and the ability to leverage our strengths and become leaders who drive a sustainable future here at home, across the country, and around the world. Who better to lead the growth of agtech in Canada and beyond than Saskatchewan – home to:

  • More than 40% of Canada’s cultivated farmland;
  • A vibrant and growing startup culture; and
  • A strong ecosystem of world-leading agtech and food tech companies and business community.

Saskatchewan has always been a leader in agriculture, and the Agtech Accelerator allows us to continue leading into the future.

Learn more about the AGTECH ACCELERATOR program and how you can get involved.


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