AGTECH ACCELERATOR celebrates bountiful Cohort 2 before planting the seeds for Cohort 3

(REGINA, SK. November 1. 2023) – Today, the AGTECH ACCELERATOR, founded by Cultivator powered by Conexus (Cultivator), Emmertech, and Economic Development Regina (EDR), shared the results of its second cohort (consisting of 16 companies from across Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia), which saw remarkable achievements in the first half of 2023 (January 1 – June 30, 2023), including:

  • $30.2M raised in private capital 
  • $12.1M generated in revenue 
  • $4.3M received in public funding
  • 23 patent applications developed
  • 24 net new jobs created

With the combined impact of Cohort 1 and Cohort 2, the AGTECH ACCELERATOR has achieved remarkable success, setting a new standard for innovation in the agriculture technology sector. With a total of 32 companies completing the program and $83.7M raised in private capital (January 1, 2022 – June 30, 2023), the AGTECH ACCELERATOR has proved to be a launchpad, connecting founders with resources and connections to scale their company. This success extends well beyond the numbers, as the founders of these pioneering companies are experiencing tangible benefits from their participation in the program. Through a dynamic ecosystem of mentorship and collaboration, they have harnessed the power to revolutionize the agricultural landscape. 

“Cohort 2 has not only exceeded our expectations but has set a new benchmark for what the future of agriculture technology can achieve,” said Bre Walkeden, Cultivator powered by Conexus Community and Partners Manager, “We’re proud to have been a part of these companies’ journey and to watch groundbreaking technologies make a real impact in the agriculture industry.”

Prairies Economic Development Canada, Innovation Saskatchewan, Innovate UK, UFA, FCC, Wabach Heartland Innovation Network (WHIN), Glacier Farm Media Discovery Farm, Canada’s Farm Show, AIM for Climate, Olds CollegeUniversity of Saskatchewan, University of Regina, and Saskatchewan Polytechnic have joined forces with the AGTECH ACCELERATOR  to combine their strengths and collectively work towards a sustainable future by supporting the growth of innovative agricultural companies across the country and around the world.

“Regina is not only a natural home to incubate agtech companies, it’s also an ideal location for their continued growth,” EDR CEO Chris Lane said, “Combine that with the outstanding work of the AGTECH ACCELERATOR and Regina truly offers fertile ground for the next generation of agtech.”

The AGTECH ACCELERATOR is now gearing up for Cohort 3, which is set to begin in March 2024. The accelerator program continues to attract the brightest minds and innovative startups in agtech. Founders ready to take their company (open to pre-seed to series A Canadian startups) to new heights are encouraged to explore the opportunities provided by the accelerator and submit their applications for Cohort 3. 


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