AGTECH ACCELERATOR recognized as AIM for Climate Innovation Sprint partner

AGTECH ACCELERATOR is proud to be recognized as an Innovation Sprint partner with Agriculture Innovation Mission (AIM) for Climate at the 27th Conference of the Parties of the UNFCCC (COP27). AIM for Climate works to enable solutions at the intersection of agriculture and climate and seeks to address climate change and global hunger.

As climate change continues to impact global temperature, weather and seasonality, agricultural practices must adapt to continue to produce food for the growing population. New technologies, products, and approaches are required to mitigate and adapt to climate change while supporting growth and jobs.

Cohort 1 Founders


Aligning with this mission, AGTECH ACCELERATOR looks to increase the investment, innovation, and adoption of climate-smart agriculture technology through our participating agtech companies. Bolstered by the $60 Million Emmertech fund, this three-year innovation sprint provides agtech startups across Canada and the UK with access to the capital, programming, and connections needed to address issues in food security and the climate crisis.


Cohort 1 companies, Livestock Water Recycling, Crop Intellect and Lucent Biosciences are in attendance at COP27 in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, which is an opportunity for stakeholders to collectively tackle the global challenge of climate change.


Cohort 1 founders

To read more about AGETCH ACCELERATOR Cohort 1 agtech companies and what they are doing to address climate change, visit their websites today.

Canadian companies

Lucent Bioscience: A Canadian company focused on developing sustainable crop nutrition products with superior ROI to help farmers feed a growing global population.

Ukko Agro: A precision ag company that leverages third-party data to provide recommendations for growers on when, where, and how much to spray.

IntelliCulture:  A IoT / precision farming solution focused on preventing pest outbreaks, increasing labor efficiency, and automating machine management in the vineyard and orchard segments.

Techbrew Robotics A robotics company that has built a machine to automate picking mushroom crops in indoor mushroom farms.

Livestock Water Recycling: A hardware and software technology that reduces the overall volume of manure by concentrating and segregating nutrients for strategic fertilizer application, and creating reusable water.

FeedFlo: A IoT device that provides real-time, actionable feed data for livestock producers.

Parametrics: Satellite data that gives simple coverage of crops to provide the most accurate way to assess the risk of the harvest during peak heat uncertainty.

Farm Health Guardian: A leader in disease prevention and outbreak preparedness for livestock and poultry operations.

ChrysaLabs: An innovative soil probe to sample and evaluate soil data.

FarmSimple Solutions Ltd:  A IoT product that monitors water levels and temperatures that are critical to livestock health.

AGvisorPRO: A knowledge marketplace for growers/producers and agriculture professionals.

United Kingdom companies

RAFT Solutions: Provide advanced breeding training, solutions, and strategies using advanced herd health management for the solutions of herd reproductive programs.

Small Robot Company: A small, automated robot that monitors, treats, and plants crops autonomously make farming more efficient, more sustainable, and more productive

Crop Intellect : R-Leaf technology that captures atmospheric NOx pollutants and converts them to plant feed resulting in reduced air pollution and increased crop yield.

Smartbell: A precision engineering and data intelligence company that aims to empower livestock farmers and the entire livestock value chain– creating sustainable livestock farming practices by building the world’s first livestock service marketplace.

Fotenix: Combines cameras, deploying colours of light, with machine learning to monitor crop health.


Cohort 1 founders pose and celebrate the completion of AGTECH ACCELERATOR programming

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