Agtech Accelerator’s newest Media and Innovation Partner, Discovery Farm

We’re excited to announce a strategic Agtech Accelerator partnership with Glacier FarmMedia Discovery Farm (Discovery Farm) as a Media and Innovation Partner. Discovery Farm is an innovative agricultural event and demonstration site designed to connect Canadian farmers with industry and research partners in the quest for practical solutions to the most pressing ag challenges of today and tomorrow. Discovery Farm currently supports two locations, Langham, Saskatchewan and Woodstock, Ontario; both locations are owned and operated by Glacier FarmMedia.

“We are thrilled to facilitate a space for new agtech companies to research, validate, and demonstrate their product or service,” says Carla Vipond, Executive Vice President, Glacier FarmMedia. “These companies pave the way for the future of agriculture, and Discovery Farm is honored to be the platform for farmers to come and learn about these new and exciting advancements within the agtech space.”   

As part of the Agtech Accelerator programming, Discovery Farm will facilitate a Media Day, which includes founder learning for establishing relationships with media, answering media questions and more. As leaders in the agriculture media space, we are excited to learn from the Discovery Farm team and connect our agtech founders with storytelling opportunities.

“Agriculture thrives on trust. Glacier FarmMedia Discovery Farm have established themselves as a trusted agriculture partner in news and media, through events like Ag in Motion and publications like the Western Producer,” says Jordan McFarlen, Incubator Manager, Cultivator powered by Conexus. “With the launch of the Agtech Accelerator, we are excited to partner with Discovery Farm to provide expertise in media and marketing, as well as create opportunities for founders to connect with producers directly to showcase their innovations.” 

To learn more about Discovery Farm, click here. To learn more about Agtech Accelerator’s partners, click here.

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