Cultivator SCALE company, ServiceBox, secures innovation funding

After announcing a $900K investment into the Agtech Accelerator, Prairies Economic Development Canada (PrairiesCAN) has also announced an additional $400K investment into Cultivator SCALE startup, ServiceBox (Jobbox Services Inc.), to support further economic growth and innovation.

Servicebox is a B2B field service management company helping the service field industry manage end to end business by finding ways to run a more efficient business and increase their bottom line. This securing of funding comes as an effort for PrairiesCAN to further suppor economic growth and innovation in Saskatchewan, and could be at none other than the perfect time as ServiceBox is looking to expand functionality and markets for their technology throughout Canada and the US.

“We are proud to be a part of the growing tech community in Saskatchewan and it’s exciting to see more investment into the tech space here. The funding provided by Prairies Economic Development Canada is going to have an immediate effect on our already rapid growth. With this funding we plan to expand our customer base and continue to develop a product that is helping service-based businesses across North America improve their operations and increase business revenues,” said Jon Clifford, Co-founder and CEO

ServiceBox are leaders in field service management and their continuous growth in the tech ecosystem and Cultivator programming has been substantial to say the least. ServiceBox was one of the first companies selected for the test cohort of Cultivator’s GROW program in 2018, and the first Cultivator startup to receive funding from Conexus’ Venture Capital Fund in December 2020. What a journey it has been!

To learn more about ServiceBox, click HERE.

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