Cultivator’s 5th Birthday: Unleashing Innovation in 24 Hours


Over the weekend, Cultivator celebrated its 5th birthday that kicked off with a HIGH-ENERGY 24 Hour Startup event! Packed with innovative ideas, electric pitches, and intense collaboration, the event featured participants from across Saskatchewan and engaged mentors and experts with different areas of expertise. Entrepreneurs, developers, and designers worked tirelessly, spending 24 hours ideating and building tech solutions to pitch to an audience of over 250 people.

  • 40 participants
  • 17 ideas
  • 6 teams
  • 13 mentors & mavens
  • 36 mentorship sessions
  • 96 Red Bull
  • 250+ attendees at the Pitch Finale
2024: 24 Hour Startup Companies
  • Pantry
  • Vastram
  • Health Link
  • Skaap
  • SkillNexus
  • Aureus

As we reflect on the 24 Hour Startup event, we’re excited to see if any of the companies will plug into Cultivator’s programming in the coming months! The participants showcased impressive talent, executing their visions in a short time frame. We’re eager to see how the next 5 years unfold for Cultivator and the vibrant tech community in SK.

Here is a look at the WINNING innovative solutions that were developed by the teams during the event…


Company Name: Pantry

Problem: Grocery shopping for high-density residents can be time consuming, inefficient and costly.

Solution: Strategically supplying groceries to buildings and complexes on a set schedule so consumers benefit from batched grocery deliveries.


Company Name: Aureus

Problem: The escalating issue of antimicrobial resistance is posing a significant challenge in healthcare. 

Solution: A dynamic database bridging the gap between various bacteria-related information, their associated conditions, and evolving treatment effectiveness to address challenges caused by changing bacteria strains.

FIRST PLACE WINNER – $4,000 + $5,000 in legal services from McKercher LLP

Company Name: Skaap

Problem: Grocery store checkout lines are causing long waits, and self-checkout theft is on the rise. 

Solution: Experience a seamless shopping journey with our mobile scanning solution, where customers scan items and complete payments through a streamlined payment processing system.


Our team would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to all of our mavens, mentors, pitch scrubbers, technical judges, and pitch finale judges. Your time and expertise were instrumental in guiding and supporting our participants throughout the event.

Mavens: “expert or connoisseur/volunteer guide to a 24 Hour Startup team” –  members of our ecosystem with experience in startups
  • Matthew Hamilton, MemoryKPR
  • Dastu Omer, Citrus
  • Hannah Tait, STEP
  • Kaitlyn Stricker, Twello
  • Sarah Wilson, 54e Dev Studios
  • Ethan Michayluk, Budsense
  • Conor Christie, Grassland Ventures
Mentors: “experienced and trusted advisers”
  • Kyla Henry, Graphic Designer & Educator – Saskatchewan Polytechnic
  • Chris Zawada, Founding Partner & Chief Creative Officer – Full Punch
  • Owen Kot, Manager – MNP
  • Tia Graham, Director Innovation – SIIT
  • Jack Dayan, Founding Partner & Chief Strategy Officer – Full Punch
  • Annie Quangtakoune, Lawyer – McKercher LLP
Pitch Scrubbers: “get into the nitty-gritty details + clean up the pitch presentations”  – founders from Cultivator’s GROW + SCALE program
  • Ami Caragata – Intelliculture
  • Harrison Lars-Hansen – Conexus Venture Capital
  • Melanie Lehrer – Offstreet
  • Carson Sinclair – CarbonRX
Technical Judges –  team members of Cultivator GROW + SCALE companies
  • Joel Rathbager, VP Technology – SolusGuard
  • Jeremy Foster, Chief Technology Officer – Lumeca Health
  • Nikki Pelchat, Principal Software Engineer – Lumeca Health
  • Tim Borgares, Co-Founder – 54e Dev Studios
Pitch Finale Judges
  • Brice Scheschuk, Managing Partner – Globalive Capital
  • Manpreet Deol, Venture Analyst – Inovia Capital
  • Jordan McFarlen, Director – Conexus Venture Capital




Check out the video recap that our friends at Tandem X Visuals created for us:

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