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Co-Founders, Lyndon and Callie Lisitza have recently launched MeatMeatGo, a new online, local meat sales platform. Through the platform, carnivores and BBQ enthusiasts can choose from a wide range of local meat products and offerings and have them delivered right to their door. MeatMeatGo currently serves the Regina and surrounding area, with plans to expand to Saskatoon next month and to add another metro Canada every three months.

 “At MeatMeatGo, we believe meat should stay closer to home for many reasons. That’s why all of the meat we sell is raised by local farmers and is processed by local butchers,” said Co-Founder and CEO, Lyndon Lisitza. “MeatMeatGo delivers high-quality, locally raised meat to more people, and inspires them to go back to the way food used to be, closer to home.”

MeatMeatGo first came about when they realized how big the disconnect was between the urban consumer and the farm gate. There was no other online platform offering a way for consumers to buy truly local meats (raised and processed within 100 miles) as well as unique variety, same day delivery, and flexible payment options all with an easy online experience.

Operating within a close footprint of each metro hub, MeatMeatGo is able to offer same day delivery of orders placed by noon.  Less distance means less packaging, and also reduces the company’s carbon footprint substantially.

Currently, MeatMeatGo is part of the Cultivator GROW program, which has provided the team with mentorship and guidance needed to launch their online platform.

“Whether you’re a university student in tech or someone with an innovative idea, we highly recommend you connect with Cultivator,” said Co-Founder and President Callie Lisitza. “The Cultivator program has been instrumental in the growth of MeatMeatGo providing us with resources, mentorship and connecting us with other founders going through the same journey. For anyone ready to jump into the tech startup space, there’s definitely an amazing opportunity at Cultivator for those that are ready for it.” 

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 About the founders:

Headshot of Callie Lisitza, Co-Founder and President, MeatMeatGo

Callie Lisitza is the Co-Founder and President of MeatMeatGo. Callie is originally from Omaha, Nebraska and studied marketing and communications at the University of Nebraska. Callie grew up on a row-crop farm located in northeast Nebraska where her passion for agriculture began. She is always striving to find innovative ways for urban folks to explore more about the agriculture industry, and expand their knowledge about farming and local food.

Lyndon Lisitza, Co-Founder and CEO, MeatMeatGo

Lyndon Lisitza is the Co-Founder and CEO of MeatMeatGo. Lyndon is originally from Porcupine Plain, Saskatchewan and studied Ag Economics at the University of Saskatchewan. He grew up on a 4,000‐acre family farm where he helped with operations until 2008. Lyndon’s focus has always been identifying market inefficiencies in the agricultural space and developing solutions to address them in the most transparent and fair manner.

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