Founders’ Legal Edge: 2 More Years Signed with McKercher LLP

Joe hitting the gong

Cultivator is excited to announce the renewal of our partnership with McKercher LLP, Legal In-Residence partner, for another 2 years! As Cultivator’s in-residence partner, McKercher LLP provides legal support to our founders through personalized 1:1 meetings and sessions. This partnership allows Cultivator founders to access legal support and guidance through all stages of their company’s journey.

Our shared goal is to ensure that Saskatchewan startups are set up for growth and scalability. By partnering with McKercher LLP, we ensure companies steer clear of any legal or structural pitfalls that could hinder their progress. Access to these legal services empowers founders and startups to make informed decisions, navigate legal complexities and build a strong and resilient foundation for the success of their companies.

We connected with Joe Gill, Partner at McKercher LLP, to chat about the renewal of our partnership and the benefits it brings to Cultivator founders.

“McKercher LLP is very proud and very excited to once again be partnering with Cultivator to help build, grow, and scale great Saskatchewan-based startups. We have been involved with Cultivator since its inception. In that time, we have helped over 100 companies manage their legal issues and opportunities. And we have devoted over 200 in-kind hours of legal services to Cultivator startups. We fundamentally believe that empowering these startups and their founders with key legal advice from Day 1 will accelerate their startup journey. That crucial advice not only opens up opportunities for founders, whether with new customers, new investors, or new advisors. But it also gives founders peace of mind knowing that they have the best startup and technology firm in the prairies helping them along the way. Cultivator has been an amazing source of resources for anyone looking to build a high-growth technology business. And we look forward to helping Cultivator and its’ team continue their great work.”

Joe and Annie Quangtakoune have solidified their reputation as Saskatchewan’s foremost legal experts in startups and tech through countless hours of founder connections and trusted thought leadership on startup law. McKercher LLP not only provides Legal In-Residence services to Cultivator GROW and SCALE founders, but also support the next generation of future founders and the larger tech eco-system through partnering with Cultivator on key events, such as Startup Summit and 24 Hour Startup.


McKercher LLP

We also caught up with Kyle Smyth, Co-founder of Offstreet, who shared his experience working with McKercher LLP and the benefits that this connection has brought to Offstreet.

“There are issues unique to startups that a regular corporate law firm may not have experience with. You want your legal team to not only have legal experience, but also startup experience. Experience with startup financing instruments (convertible notes and SAFEs), option vesting schedules, employee stock-option pools, SaaS contracts, terms of services, privacy policies, and more. Just like in Breaking Bad when Jesse Pinkman tells Walter White, “When the going gets tough, you don’t want a criminal lawyer… you want a Criminal. Lawyer.” In the startup world, you want a Startup. Lawyer. and McKercher sends their best.”

As we extend our partnership with McKercher LLP, witnessing the positive impact on startups like Offstreet, as shared by Co-founder Kyle Smyth, reaffirms our commitment to supporting our founders. We look forward to more success stories in the continued partnership between Cultivator, McKercher LLP and our dedicated founders.

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