Global Agtech Summit featured at Canada’s Farm Show

Wow, hold onto your hats because the Global Agtech Summit at Canada’s Farm Show on June 21, 2023, was an absolute whirlwind of excitement! This full-day conference was the place to be for farmers, founders, and funders, offering a tantalizing glimpse into the future of agriculture and agtech innovation.

Picture this: a world-class stage hosting a lineup of international speakers, innovative farmers, and mind-blowing product launches. The atmosphere was electric as attendees got to connect with the newest and hottest companies emerging in the industry. It was like stepping into a realm of boundless possibilities and cutting-edge technology.

The Global Agtech Summit was a trove of knowledge, where attendees had the privilege to learn about the latest agtech innovations directly from industry leaders. The insights gained from these visionaries encouraged the shaping of the future of agriculture. It was a day of inspiration, with the discussion of revolutionizing farming practices and boosting global food production.

The Global Agtech Summit Lineup


But that’s not all! Building upon the roaring success of 2022, the AGTECH ACCELERATOR Demo Day made a triumphant return. Sixteen top high-growth agtech companies held the spotlight, pitching their startups with hopes of securing coveted investment from some of the special guests in the audience. The AGTECH ACCELERATOR Demo Day concludes the founders’ 12-week program and is the finale event everyone looks forward to watching!

Each company was introduced by a partner and special stakeholder of the Agtech Accelerator program. This elevated the atmosphere even further, as these influential figures lent their support and endorsement to the innovative startups, amplifying their chances of success.

It was an international affair as founders traveled from far and wide, representing Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia, to deliver their compelling pitches at the summit. But the excitement didn’t stop there! The audience had the chance to be actively involved by participating in the voting for the People’s Choice Award. T-Bin, locally founded in Regina, Saskatchewan by Trevor Pheonix, took home the coveted prize.

The AGTECH ACCELERATOR Demo Day was a thrilling showcase of innovation and entrepreneurial brilliance, leaving everyone on the edge of their seats. It was a celebration of groundbreaking ideas, daring visionaries, and the relentless pursuit of transforming the future of agriculture.

Thank you Canada’s Farm Show

The AGTECH ACCELERATOR was proud to partner with Canada’s Farm Show to make the Global Agtech Summit the success it became, and we were honored to be able to own the Launch Pad stage for the entirety of one full day of curated programming. Canada’s Farm Show drew industry leaders from all corners of the globe for an exhilarating three-day affair. Picture this: over 30,000 visitors and a jaw-dropping 500+ exhibitors occupying a sprawling 1.5 million square feet of indoor show space – it was an unparalleled spectacle with a rise in 20% attendance over the past year. Canada’s Farm Show has a storied history of spotlighting cutting-edge equipment and technologies in dryland farming, and this year was no different, solidifying its reputation as a premier hub for agricultural innovation.

Attending the Global Agtech Summit wasn’t just about absorbing knowledge; it was an opportunity to network and collaborate with fellow trailblazers and organizations driving agtech innovation forward. The sense of community was contagious, and we are bound to see some positive outcomes from the connections forged during this event.

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