Limbus AI graduates from Cultivator’s SCALE program

Limbus AI is the third Cultivator company to join alumni status, as they officially graduated from the SCALE program on July 20. Karl Otto (Limbus AI, CEO), Josh Giambattista (Limbus AI Director, Medical), Carter Kolbeck (Limbus AI Director, Machine Learning), and Jon Giambattista (Limbus AI Director, Software) joined us for a celebratory gathering that honored the accomplishments throughout their journey at Cultivator. Jordan McFarlen, Cultivator’s Incubator Manager, led an insightful panel that allowed the founders to bounce memories off one another and reflect on some of the challenges and highlights they experienced with the audience– which consisted of some of Limbus’ biggest fans (friends and family) and long-time supporters in the Cultivator community.

Limbus AI Inc. provides software solutions for cancer radiation therapy. Their mission is to build machine learning-based software products to improve efficiency and clinical workflows in cancer radiation treatment planning. Limbus Contour detects and applies the correct clinical template to a CT scan, and sends the contours to the treatment planning system for manual review. The company joined Cultivator back in the early days of the incubator’s conception in 2019. The Limbus AI founders have been an inspiration for our founders that joined Cultivator in years following as the company continued to exceed their metrics each quarter. By witnessing the remarkable growth and achievements of Limbus AI, our startups have been driven to emulate their visionary approach and dedication.

Throughout the panel, many of the founders referenced their success in international markets and the challenges that they faced with regulations and approvals. It was discussed how crucial it was to begin the regulatory processes as soon as possible with their startup to ensure they could gain more markets and users.

When asked if there was anything the founders would have done differently in their journey so far, Josh Giambattista replied: “I probably would have done everything the same.” He commented that it’s important as a startup to sit back throughout your journey and to reflect on minor accomplishments to stay on course. Josh advised other founders in the audience to “congratulate yourself and make sure that as a startup you make goals and milestones that you celebrate as a team … because you have nothing else to benchmark yourself to as you are growing and scaling your startup.”

Many of the Limbus AI founders echoed one another on the importance of building a solid team that they can rely on and how important it has been to secure talented employees that are fully engaged in their mission. The founders are well-acquainted with remote work, as each of them operates from different locations across Canada. Embracing remote work has allowed Limbus AI to source talent from anywhere in the world, expanding its potential talent pool significantly.

Before concluding the evening, each founder had their individual moment of reflection and the spotlight as they took turns hitting the Cultivator gong. While the Limbus AI team had previously hit the gong multiple times to celebrate surpassing company milestones, this particular celebration was exceptionally meaningful for the founders. It marked a significant success in their company’s trajectory, made even more special by the fact that they were able to share the moment together as a collective group.

With the ringing of the gong in the background, the founders accepted their official Cultivator golden graduation plaque and offered their thanks to the Cultivator team and Conexus Credit Union for their unwavering support throughout the past 4 years.


What does it mean to graduate from our SCALE program?

Limbus AI will be joining myComply and Precision AI as alumni companies of Cultivator. This is an esteemed group of founders who have put endless hours into their company, attending programming, participating at ecosystem events, and have worked to GROW + SCALE their business beyond the walls of Cultivator’s HQ. The alumni companies will always be a part of the Cultivator community and we will always be their #1 fans!

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