Meet the START Cohort 8 companies

We recently welcomed 10 new companies into Cultivator’s START program! Here is a brief overview of each new innovation…

Polymath Global Relation Networks

Founders: Brayden Park + Dami Egbeyemi

Polymath provides you with all the tools and expertise you need to create and test your MVP with a select group of users, validate your product idea, and improve it based on user feedback. Once you’ve nailed that, we’ll help you scale up and reach your target audience.



Founder: Tayab Soomro

At PathoScan, we are passionate about developing innovative tools and technologies that help farmers manage their crops more effectively. Recently, we achieved a significant milestone in the form of developing our first prototype of a crop disease testing tool, which we plan to pilot test in the fields this summer.



Founder: David Akinmade

Our app addresses this challenge by equipping the user with an “intuitive personal media monitoring tool” that not only captures the user’s social media habits but recommends content or usage suggestions that better align with the user’s mental health and productivity goals We envision a future where social media users can harness the insights from their own social media consumption data to protect themselves from the negative effects of attention farming social  media algorithms, while still being in touch with the online content and friends that they love.



Founders: Dhanesh Udayan + Rakesh Pillai

Headquartered in Regina, iOrders was founded with a  vision to  provide affordable and efficient online Ordering and Delivery solutions For restaurants. Our unique platform seamlessly Integrates with restaurants’  own websites, allowing them to drive traffic directly to their site instead of  third-party marketplaces, and eliminating costly commission fees.



Founder: Hayyan Daoud

BOMS, or Business Operation Management System, is an all-in-one platform designed specifically for SMBs in the manufacturing industry. With BOMS, you can quickly and accurately access information and insights on your operation, saving time and increasing productivity. Our system is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection, making it easy for you to manage your business regardless of location


Investment Grade

Founder: Hayden Jin + Erika McCluskey

At Investment Grade, we take a unique approach to financial education. Unlike other platforms and tools, we prioritize mobile accessibility, so you can learn on the go and at your own pace. We also aim to make investing feel less intimidating by gamifying the learning experience, making it engaging and easy to understand.



Founder: Miguel Dey

Outboundly’s AI-powered Chrome extension empowers users to craft personalized and optimized cold emails or LinkedIn messages while saving time and effort. We’re proud to share that our solution has delivered 6x higher transaction rates and up to 62% more response rates. We’re confident in the value we bring to our users, but we’re always striving for improvement and expansion.


Water Innovation Clarification

Founder: Pat Dunne

Like all clarifiers, ours is designed to remove suspended solids and other impurities from water and wastewater.  The standard clarifiers, which dominate the water and wastewater market, remove about 67% of solids in 2 ½ hours. The clarifiers still leave significant solids in the water and the treated water is not clear. Little has changed through the decades and their performance has remained stagnant. The Ultimate Clarifier is a patented game-changer that can reduce the suspended solids in contaminated water by 90% in 20 minutes making the water visibly clear.



Founder: Yug Shah + Zakiyyah Noorally

Problem Statement: International students are trapped in a complex and costly maze of finding and applying to the right universities, where they are misled and confused by inconsistent and unreliable information. We understand the challenges students face when navigating the complex world of higher education, and we have a solution that not only streamlines the process for them but also benefits universities in their quest to recruit and retain top international talent.



Founder: Keenan George + Sarah Halbgewachs

Haven is a game-changing platform for property management that helps property managers and landlords streamline their business operations and grow their businesses.

Haven has already helped two property management companies increase their EBITDA margins from 10% to almost 50% and has improved daily tasks completed per employee from 25 to 125. Haven’s platform helps property managers complete their daily tasks more efficiently, freeing up time to focus on growth opportunities.


Join us on April 27 to watch each of the 10 companies pitch in front of guest judges, for a chance to win $10,000 — and a People’s Choice Award of $1,000.



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