Our Million Acres project brings producers and founders together by creating a network that represents a collective of one million acres around the world. From livestock pastures to arable land, our AGTECH ACCELERATOR startups will connect with farmers and ranchers from various regions, climates, and nations– with each individual providing their insights and expertise specific to them.

Once you are a member of the Million Acres project, we will include you in all updates from our AGTECH ACCELERATOR program. Our team will reach out to you if there is an opportunity to make a connection with one of our startup companies looking for feedback on their business.

Who are members

From cattle ranchers to canola farmers, each producer will have a unique set of skills and knowledge that will contribute to creating new and innovative solutions in agriculture. We are looking to partner with:

  • Grains, pulses, and produce farmers
  • Ranchers and livestock producers
  • Poultry and swine operators
  • Fungi culturalists
  • Agribusinesses

What is the commitment

The Million Acres project is a symbiotic relationship between agriculture producers and leaders of agriculture technology. Your membership in this community is voluntary and reflects your enthusiasm for the future of agriculture. The AGTECH ACCELERATOR will facilitate the connection and communication between producers and tech businesses.

Where are members from

The Million Acres has a goal to connect with producers from across North America.

As a member of the Million Acres project, you will have the opportunity to accept or decline the connection that is possible between you and the founder of an agtech startup. The connection may be by distance for advice (virtual / phone call/email) or in-person (meet together to ideate or showcase product).

When does a membership start/end

This is an ongoing membership. You can join or leave at any time. Once accepted as a member, your acres of land will be added towards our goal of reaching 1 million acres of connections that founders will have with producers in North America.

Why should I join the Million Acres project

Access to industry connections

Potential to connect with founders face-to-face – during in-person and virtual programming of the AGTECH ACCELERATOR.

Make your voice heard

Take part in a producer panel with agriculture experts, as well as other producers from across North America, with agtech founders as the audience.

Make an impact

Gain early access to cutting-edge agtech solutions and share your input on how to solve the problems you’re facing, give feedback to the founders, and ensure these solutions are being built with the end-user at the core.

Join the community

The AGTECH ACCELERATOR will have participation from various agriculture industry leaders, agtech experts, and producers with an international geographic presence.

Show you’re at the forefront of change

No one knows the challenges of producers more than producers. There is no reason to invest in solving a problem that doesn’t exist or investing in a product that may make things more difficult for the producer. We believe the catalyst for creating a world-class agtech hub is connecting founders to producers in a collaborative environment.