Q1 – 2024 Founders’ Retreat: A fusion of learning and connection

In our most recent Founders’ Retreat, we brought Cultivator GROW and SCALE founders together to immerse themselves in an environment designed for reflection and learning. This exclusive retreat allowed the space for founders to dive into themes of strategic fundraising, navigating the challenges of entrepreneurship, leadership development and the evolving landscape of venture capital.

Founders were offered insights from seasoned thought leaders in the tech ecosystem and were provided an environment to encourage a refreshed growth mindset, foster connections and equip themselves with the necessary tools for long-term success in today’s competitive startup landscape. 

Founders’ Retreat Agenda

Mentors play a pivotal role in offering valuable expertise and guidance to founders, as well as providing their feedback and support. They not only aid founders in navigating the complexities of startup growth, but help them endure the inevitable ups and downs of entrepreneurship. We’d like to extend a special thanks to those who dedicated their time to mentor Cultivator companies through group sessions and 1:1s at the Q1 – 2024 Founders’ Retreat on Friday, February 2.

Keep an eye on our social channels over the next few weeks as we highlight key takeaways and lessons learned from each of our Founders’ Retreat sessions!

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