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Last week, we hosted the annual agtech edition of our 24 Hour Startup event at Canada’s Farm Show! This packed house event was one of our most collaborative 24 Hour Startups yet — we featured participants from across Saskatchewan and engaged mentors and experts from across the globe. In less than 24 hours participants created teams, ideated, built, and pitched a tech solution for a problem that exists within the agriculture industry today. Our Cultivator team facilitated the event with…

24 Hour Startup Metrics

24 Hour Startup Metrics

The talent of all of the participants was showcased in every aspect as they executed their vision and collaborated in a short time frame. Here is a peek at some innovative agtech solutions that were developed by teams…

Team 1 – FarmForward
An innovative platform dedicated to equipping aspiring farmers with the tools, knowledge, and guidance necessary to navigate the complexities of the agricultural sector. By leveraging technology, we simplify the process of starting a farm, providing vital resources from understanding farming fundamentals to securing land and accessing grants.

Team 2 – CropWatch
Food scarcity is an increasing issue due to urbanization, climate change, etc. To solve this, CropWatch will use sensors that measure temperature, humidity, & other variables that affect crop growth.

Team 3 – AgriForm
Helps streamline food safety paperwork, and provides software that saves farmers time by digitizing and eliminating repetitive tasks prone to errors. It also provides insight into food traceability for small farmers.

Team 4 – upCrops
An innovative web platform that integrates soil testing and expert consultation for farmers. The platform partners with accredited laboratories for reliable, comprehensive soil testing. Farmers send soil samples and receive detailed reports on their land’s health, all through upCrops.

Team 5 – SkillHarvest
A cutting-edge mobile app that is dedicated to revolutionizing the way farmers connect with labourers. SkillHarvest seeks to solve the following problems: connect farmers to verified labourers, verifying labourers to reflect experience and expertise, training and retention.

Congratulations to our winning teams…

  • FIRST PLACE ($4000 cash + $5000 credit of legal services from McKercher LLP): FarmForward
  • SECOND PLACE ($2000 cash): SkillHarvest
  • PEOPLE’S CHOICE ($1000 cash / voted on by the crowd): UpCrops

Our team would also like to extend a huge THANK YOU to all of our mavens, mentors, pitch scrubbers, creative counsellors, technical judges, and pitch finale judges who spent their time with us assisting participants.

Mavens: “expert or connoisseur/volunteer guide to a 24 Hour Startup team” 
  • Matthew Hamilton, memoryKPR
  • Paul Hewitt, Grassland Ventures
  • Kaitlyn Stricker, Twello
  • Hannah Tait, Ethical Digital
  • Dastu Omer, Citrus
  • Zakiyyah Noorally, ISM
Creative Counsel: “provide creative assistance to a team
  • Sarah Orr – SalonScale
  • Angela Bailey – Regina Roughriders
  • Sarah Wilson – 54e Dev Studios
Mentors: “experienced and trusted advisers”
  • Rogan Vleming – Conexus Credit Union
  • Patrick Ullrich – Offstreet
  • Landon Fahlman – IntraGrain
  • Tina Beaudry – Deloitte
  • David Belof – Deloitte
  • Laura Shoemaker – Shoemaker Ag Ventures
Pitch Scrubbers: “get into the nitty-gritty details + clean up the pitch presentations” 
  • Scott Love – StoretoDoor
  • Annie Quangtakoune – McKercher LLP
  • Owen Kot – MNP
  • Carson Sinclair – Above Food
Technical Judges
  • Taylor Fox – memoryKPR
  • Ryan Marcotte – BrewNinja
  • Tim Borgares – 54e Dev Studios
Pitch Finale Judges
  • Kim McConnell, Former CEO – AdFarm
  • Karen Shuett, Founder + CEO – Livestock Water Recycle
  • Samuel Fournier, Co-Founder + CEO – Chrysalabs
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