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In a remarkable display of unity and empowerment, the Startup Summit: Women in Tech Breakfast, held at Hotel Saskatchewan became the epicentre of inspiration and connection for tech enthusiasts and advocates of all backgrounds.

The event, with its warm and inviting atmosphere, aimed to unlock the potential of women’s leadership in the tech industry by fostering meaningful connections, nurturing professional growth, and providing a platform for the sharing of empowering experiences. Attendees were treated to a delightful hot breakfast, coffee, and engaging conversations– creating an ideal setting for networking and collaboration.

One of the most noteworthy aspects of the breakfast was the strong support it received from the National Angel Capital Organization (NACO Canada), emphasizing the significance of its mission in promoting diversity and inclusion within the tech sector.

Two dynamic and passionate leaders, Laura Gabor and Juanita Lee-Garcia, set the tone for the event with their fireside chat. Laura, a seasoned operations specialist and advocate for community building and women’s empowerment, led the creation of an engaging discussion — asking some emotional questions that visually showcased some scenarios of women standing up in the room, responding to…

Juanita, Executive Director at the Upside Foundation of Canada, brought her expertise in tech, philanthropy, and large-scale systems change, making them a formidable duo dedicated to shining a spotlight on the challenges and successes faced by women in the technology industry.

The event’s program continued with five rapid-fire keynotes delivered by women in the tech. Althea Wishloff , Jennifer Chiang , Jessica McNaughton , Yvonne Cafik , and Alina Perrault shared their personal experiences, stories of resilience, and invaluable advice with the captivated audience.

In essence, this gathering served as a vital initiative to empower and elevate women in technology. It fostered a sense of unity and collaboration within the industry, emphasizing the importance of working together to overcome challenges and create a more inclusive path forward. The presence of men and allies in the room, actively listening to the powerful stories shared by these remarkable women, highlighted the crucial role of their support and continued allyship in driving the industry toward meaningful change.

The Women in Tech Breakfast was more than just an event; it was a celebration of women’s accomplishments in the tech world and a call to action for continued progress and inclusivity. As attendees left the venue, they carried with them not only the inspiration from the morning but also a renewed commitment to shaping a brighter future for women in technology.

Our Women in Tech community continues to thrive.


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