START Cohort 6 Speaker + Mentor Roster

For the 6th START Cohort, Cultivator offered an absolute rockstar roster of mentors and speakers that spent 1:1 time with founders, helping them take their startups to the next level. These guests all have a unique plethora of expertise. They each shared their tips and tricks on topics ranging from product development and startup finances, to market intelligence and sales. 


START Cohort 6 founders were paired with experienced and trusted advisors to help guide them through any problems or questions they have. Founders have been able to connect, grow, and build these connections within the Saskatchewan tech industry. This connection is something we at Cultivator find so important for founders to have as they navigate the many challenges of the startup world.


Each mentor and speaker is chosen to help with specific areas of concern that each of the START founders is facing.  These experienced individuals have taken time out of their hustle and bustle to share their experiences, advice, and insights to support founders that are sitting in the same position as they once were. We are so grateful to have these connections in our SK tech ecosystem. From all of us at Cultivator, we thank you for all you have done and continue to do to help Cultivator programming.

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