Supporting the growth of Saskatchewan’s agricultural economy

Saskatchewan is home to some amazing agtech companies including Precision.AI, IntraGrain Technologies Inc., Raven Applied Technology, Seedmaster, and Croptimistic Technology, that are seeing global success. It’s also home to more than 40% of Canada’s cultivated farmland, a strong ecosystem of renowned education and research institutions, and world-class transportation and logistics. 

As with many industries, technology is driving the world’s agriculture industry forward, and who better to lead the growth of agtech and beyond than Saskatchewan. That’s why earlier this year, Cultivator, Economic Development Regina (EDR), and Emmertech (a new agtech focused venture capital fund), partnered together to launch a venture-capital-backed Agtech Accelerator – a first in Saskatchewan and Canada. The Agtech Accelerator will provide the access to capital, programming, and mentorship needed to help Canada’s top startups build, scale, raise, hire and sell. 

Joining the Agtech Accelerator as an Innovation Partner with a $300,000 commitment over three-years is Innovation Saskatchewan

“By focusing resources into areas of our province’s natural economic strengths, we feel strongly that we can establish Saskatchewan as a world class agtech hub,” said Jeremy Harrison, Minister Responsible for Innovation Saskatchewan. “Funding the Agtech Accelerator accelerates game-changing ag innovation, further positioning Saskatchewan as a premier destination for agtech entrepreneurs.”

Innovation Saskatchewan’s investment into the Agtech Accelerator, combined with other investments and programs including a $15 million venture capital investment into Emmertech, the Saskatchewan Advantage Innovation Fund, the Saskatchewan Technology Startup Incentive, and the Agtech Growth Fund, all help support Saskatchewan’s 2020-2030 Growth Plan.  The Agtech Accelerator will contribute specifically, but not limited to, the Growth Plan’s objectives to support early-stage agtech startups, create a pipeline for future investments into the venture capital fund, help stimulate the provincial economy, and triple the technology sector. 

“ With the goal of tripling the tech sector in Saskatchewan, we see a huge opportunity for agtech to play a major role in that growth,” said Jordan McFarlen, Business Incubator Manager, Cultivator. “We’re excited to work with Innovation Saskatchewan to grow Canada’s top agtech companies from right here in Saskatchewan.”  

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