Stepping Up Your Summer: TrailCollectiv’s Challenge

Annika Mang, co-founder of TrailCollectiv, continues GROWing in many ways. Building on a new partnership with Sask Parks and Tourism Saskatchewan, to then starting a challenge, TrailCollectiv is encouraging you to create new memories with your family this summer, one step at a time. Get ready to strap on your boots and take on the beauty of the Saskatchewan trails.

TrailCollectiv is your go-to resource for discovering family-friendly trails across North America. You can easily search and explore trails by park, city, or trail name, and access essential details provided by trail ambassadors and contributors. From terrain information to nearby amenities, TrailCollectiv ensures every hike is enjoyable for the whole family. It’s the first hiking app designed specifically to help you find kid-friendly adventures effortlessly.

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Here’s a glimpse into our interview with Annika, a passionate hiker and trailblazing entrepreneur. We dive into the exciting updates on her new partnership with Sask Parks and Tourism Saskatchewan, and her latest summer challenge! 

We hear that you’re launching a summer challenge (so exciting!!)! Can you tell us more about it?

I am so excited for the TrailCollectiv Saskatchewan Hiking Challenge! This summer, if you hike a trail in Saskatchewan and take a photo of yourself on the trail, you can submit the photo on the TrailCollectiv app for a chance to win monthly prizes and a final grand prize! The more trails you hike and photos you take, the more chances you have to win!

How did your partnership with Tourism Saskatchewan and Sask Parks come to be? What are you most excited about with these partnerships?

After many discussions, it seemed like a natural partnership for all partners involved. We all share the same goal, which is to encourage residents and tourists to explore and travel more of Saskatchewan. The TrailCollectiv app is the perfect tool to bring families outdoors and explore new places all over the province.

We decided to add in the challenge as a fun way to encourage people to share their adventures with the community and inspire others to explore outside together with their friends and families.

I am most excited to be able to work with Sask Parks and Tourism Saskatchewan to encourage more families to get outside and explore more of the beautiful areas around Saskatchewan. When people purchase a Sask Parks Annual Entry Permit, they will receive a free premium subscription to TrailCollectiv. Research supports that families that are active together have a stronger family bond and are healthier. I have experienced this personally in my family, and I hope that this challenge, along with the support of the TrailCollectiv app, helps other families connect.

How can people make the most out of this challenge as a TrailCollectiv user?

There are two ways that people can make the most of this challenge aside from simply finding a hike on TrailCollectiv, taking a photo of themselves on the hike, and then submitting it.

The first way to stay motivated during the challenge would be to log each hike that is completed. This way, you can keep track of the hikes you have completed. This can be done by logging a trail when viewing the trail information in the app. You can add details like how much you liked the trail, the time it took to hike the trail, some notes, and the day you hiked the trail. Once the information is saved, you can find a list of the trails you have logged under your profile.

The second way to make the most of the challenge is to add a personal challenge goal, such as the number of hikes you want to complete throughout the duration of the challenge. This may be a simple goal of 5 hikes throughout the challenge or as many as 20+ hikes. For a family with a new baby, the goal may be to find a stroller-accessible trail in the TrailCollectiv app to explore for your baby’s first hike!

Outside of experiencing the beauty of our province and country, why should people take part in this challenge?

Taking part of the challenge is a great way to stay motivated, stay active, and explore new places around Saskatchewan. It is also a fun way to share adventures with the community so that people can learn of new places to explore across the province.

Also, as I mentioned previously, for families, getting outside together is a great way to enhance the family bond and to stay active together. So often, as parents, we sit on the sidelines watching our kids in their activities or become so busy trying to manage work and home life. This challenge is an opportunity to get the whole family outside together.

Finally, how has Cultivator supported you and TrailCollectiv over the last few years?

Cultivator has supported TrailCollectiv from the beginning. When I first submitted my application to their START program, I knew nothing about building a tech company. Through the support that I received from Cultivator, I was able to learn what I needed to build TrailCollectiv. We are now in the GROW program and are very grateful for the amazing connections, mentorship, and incredible working space as we continue along our journey.

Be sure to download the TrailCollectiv app and embrace the SK outdoors with your family! 


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Annika Mang - TrailCollectiv

We can’t thank Annika enough for sharing her time and personal insights with us for this feature. We are incredibly fortunate to have Annika as part of our Cultivator family. We’ll always be cheering her on and supporting the TrailCollectiv team!

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