University of Regina signs on with Agtech Accelerator as research and academic partner

The University of Regina has announced a new partnership with the Agtech Accelerator to help find solutions for global agricultural challenges while providing academic and research opportunities for students.

The agricultural sector is driven by technology. The more advanced the technology, the more agile and robust the industry. That’s where the Regina-based Agtech Accelerator comes in.

Launched earlier this year, the Agtech Accelerator is a venture-capital-backed accelerator to assist early-stage Canadian agtech startups that are working to drive global agriculture forward through innovation and technological advances. This partnership announcement brings the University of Regina on board as a fully engaged funding partner of the Agtech Accelerator. The University is providing $180,000 in support.

Dr. Chris Yost, Associate Vice-President (Research), says that the University is proud to be part of the Accelerator.

“We are excited to be able to leverage the University of Regina’s outstanding research infrastructure and expertise in our new partnership,” said Yost. “We are ready to help Agtech Accelerator clients meet the challenges they face and to help build a world-class agtech industry hub in Saskatchewan.”

Yost said the ability for University students and graduates to participate in experiential learning through the Agtech Accelerator is critical to their successful participation in the agtech economy.

“Collaborating with the Agtech Accelerator will allow University of Regina faculty and students to be part of state-of-the-art agtech projects and to gain entrepreneurship experience. And our students will be well prepared to take on high-quality jobs with the Agtech Accelerator startup companies,” said Yost. 

Jordan McFarlen, Business Incubator Manager at Cultivator powered by Conexus, said a key component of any innovative ecosystem is the support of its post-secondary institutions.

“The University of Regina has a proven track record of producing industry and community leaders along with leading-edge research. As we look to grow Canada’s top agtech companies from right here in Saskatchewan through our Agtech Accelerator, we’re excited to have the University of Regina actively involved.”

Yost said the University has established expertise in agtech, from using AI to better develop precision agricultural methods and creating accessible and affordable approaches to improve dugout water quality, to creating new and useful products from farm waste.

“Our faculty and students are consistently working on research projects that take innovation and creativity to the next level, and the results of their efforts make a difference in the lives of people in Saskatchewan and around the world,” said Yost. “This new partnership will only enhance what we and the Agtech Accelerator clients will be able to do, now and into the future.”

Learn more about the Agtech Accelerator here.

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