24 Hour Startup | AGTECH – Roundup!

Last week, we hosted an INCREDIBLE agtech edition of our 24 Hour Startup event at Canada’s Farm Show! This sell-out event was one of our most collaborative 24 Hour Startups yet — we featured participants from across Saskatchewan and engaged mentors and experts from across the globe. In less than 24 hours participants created teams, ideated, built, and pitched a tech solution for a problem that exists within the agriculture industry today. Our Cultivator team facilitated the event with…

  • 47 participants
  • 16 ideas
  • 6 teams
  • 15 mentors & mavens
  • 36 mentorship 1:1s
  • 300+ cups of coffee
  • 814+ man-hours
  • 300+ attendees at the Pitch Finale

The talent of all 47 participants was showcased in every aspect as they executed their vision and collaborated in a short time frame. Here is a look at some innovative agtech solutions that were developed by teams…


Problem: limited access to affordable and healthy foods (produce) – starting costs of gardening is high

Solution: inspire communities to grow, sell, and buy produce by making it simple for selling excess produce



Problem: land valuations don’t share the soil productivity of the land (Lack of transparency)

Solution: calculating the productivity of the land to increase transparency


SCS (Soil Crop Services)

Problem: there is a gap between soil data and fertilizer application

Solution: Providing data analysis of data to maximize crop yields


Sask Air Farm

Problem:  Pinkeye in cattle has a marked economic impact on the industry

Solution: detecting symptoms of early pink eye in beef cattle using drones



Problem: Illiquid carbon credit marketplace

Solution: Platform connecting buyers/sellers

Product: SOFTWARE 


Problem: access to new technology on the farm

Solution: online registry of robots and technology to help reduce the burden of cost on farmers, by getting farmers to rent out their products




Our team would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to all of our mavens, mentors, pitch scrubbers, technical judges, and pitch finale judges who spent their time with us assisting participants.

Mavens: “expert or connoisseur/volunteer guide to a 24 Hour Startup team” –  team members of Cultivator GROW + SCALE companies
  • Matthew Hamilton, memoryKPR
  • Ashley Zapshala, Budsense
  • Alireza Hezaryan, Budsense
  • Melanie Lehrer, Offstreet
  • Emma Ulmer, Offstreet
  • Paul Hewitt, Grassland Ventures
  • Conor Christie, Grassland Ventures
Mentors: “experienced and trusted advisers”
  • Todd Andres, Regional Vice President – Ag, Conexus Business Solutions
  • Carson Reid, Account Executive – Thinkshift
  • Tina Beaudry-Mellor, Partner, Cybersecurity & Strategic Risk- Deloitte
  • Tim Borgares, Co-founder – 54e CEv Studios
  • Landon Fahlman, Research and Development Engineer – IntraGrain
  • Ryan Hutchinson, Integrated Solutions Manager – South Country Equipment & Crop Intelligence Business Development Lead
Pitch Scrubbers: “get into the nitty-gritty details + clean up the pitch presentations”  – founders from Cultivator’s Cohort 1 Agtech Accelerator 
  • Patrick Walther – AGvisorPRO
  • Harriet Scott – RAFT
  • Dr Apostolos Papadopoulos – CropIntellect
  • Ramin Shaikhi – IntelliCulture
  • Cole Powers – IntelliCulture
  • Jason McNamee – Lucent
  • Samuel Fournier – Chrysalabs
  • Charles Veys – Fotenix
  • Mike Boudreau – TechBrew Robotics
  • Veena Adityan – SmartBell
  • Scott Russell – FeedFlo
  • Damon Johnson – Parametrics
  • FarmSimple – Katlin Lang
  • Farm Health Guardian – Rob Hannam
  • Small Robot – Ben Scott-Robinson
Technical Judges –  team members of Cultivator GROW + SCALE companies
  • Tony Arkles, Quality Assurance Lead – Precision AI
  • Taylor Fox, Co-Founder + CTO – memoryKPR
  • Ryan Marcotte, CTO – BrewNinja
Pitch Finale Judges
  • Kim McConnell, Former CEO + Founder – AdFarm
  • Kim Nicholson, VP Agtech + Innovation – Mosaic Company
  • Vikram Vij, Chef + Entrepreneur, Canadian Dragon’s Den
  • Natasha Vandenhurk, Chief Executive Officer at Three Farmers Foods
Event Sponsors


Congratulations to our winning teams…

  • FIRST PLACE ($4000 cash): ProdYous
  • SECOND PLACE ($2000 cash): iSPI
  • PEOPLE’S CHOICE ($1000 cash / voted on by the crowd):Ourside

We can’t wait to see if some of the companies in 24 Hour Startup | Agtech plant roots in our Cultivator’s programming in the coming months! Learn more about our 24 Hour Startup HERE. And be sure to follow @CultivatorSK on social media to get the latest updates on events and what’s happening at Cultivator!

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