Meet the START Cohort 9 companies

We recently welcomed 9 new companies into Cultivator’s START program! Here is a brief overview of each new innovation…


Combine Settings

Founders: Trevor Scherman + Megan Madden

A peer-to-peer knowledge-sharing platform farmers use to improve crop yield in harvesting by finding effective settings on their combines. The company is in the midst of building its MVP. Combine Settings has had a lot of global interest, pitching across Canada, Germany and Australia.



Founder: Chris Dielschnieder

People management software directed towards hospital ERs that allows users to go home, and get automatically notified when they are to head back to the hospital to be attended to. 



Founder: Dylan Cooper

A platform for bikers to share bike routes that are safe, fast and efficient. The platform can share (sell) data to municipalities to help inform them of trends, infrastructure needs, safety requirements, etc. The product is still in development. 



Founders: Kip Simon + Kalen Leflar

StatRat is a sports-tech platform meant to be the hangout spot for the coolest ball players in the world. Track your stats like a boss, connect with your squad, and bring your A-game every damn time! The platform is used as a spot for players to connect with peers and scouts. 



Founder: Victor Ejike + Desire Molunod

Waldopia Technologies Inc. seeks to address the challenges of limited access to healthcare providers, long wait times for appointments and treatments, and the high attrition rate of healthcare workers through its innovative platform. 


Dilex Search

Founder: Orland Hoeber + Sebastian Gomes

Building an interface layer over existing university library ecosystems making it easy to adopt and operate. Dilex search enhances the user experience, allowing saveable, groupable searches. Currently on boarded their first paying customer with the UofR library to facilitate academic library searches. 


Karma Ai

Founder: Alex Tkach

Generative AI characters that individuals can email who will email them back with a response using different characters and personas.

Founder: Eric Nuque + Rommel Nuque is a software/sensor monitoring system for the early detection of forest fires. Sensors, cameras and AI software can detect smoke in the air, ground moisture and thermal levels to help identify and predict forest fires at an early level.

Founder: Greg Elkington

A fitness app aimed at personal trainers that will use an ai component to adjust the workout plans on the fly based on historical and current progress. 

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