New era begins: LimbusAI acquired in game-changing deal, a first for a Cultivator company

Limbus AI, Cultivator SCALE alumni, has been acquired by Radformation, Inc., a leader in automation solutions for cancer care. This momentous merger aims to harness the collective strengths of both companies’ platforms by integrating the superior features of each system, offering the most advanced AI-driven contouring solution available today. Beyond improving contouring, this effort is expected to spark further innovation, leading to new developments and improvements in radiation therapy.

“We share a similar vision to bring innovative software to patient care,” said Karl Otto, CEO of Limbus AI. “Both companies have very talented and hard working teams that, when combined, will be able to achieve great things together.”

Radformation’s acquisition of Limbus AI unites two leaders in clinical treatment planning, combining Radformation’s extensive global presence and robust product utilization – spanning 8 products used in over 1,600 clinics in 28 countries – with Limbus’ significant impact on 500,000 patients across 400 centers worldwide. This alliance will accelerate innovation, expand reach, and enhance patient outcomes worldwide, sparking a new era in healthcare technology.

“Our mission has always been to improve the radiation therapy process, focusing on efficiency, quality, and safety in patient care,” said Kurt Sysock, CEO of Radformation. “With Limbus’ innovative technology and expertise now part of our team, we are even more equipped to advance the frontier of innovative software solutions in radiation therapy.”

This acquisition also marks a significant milestone for Cultivator and the success of the Saskatchewan tech eco-system, as Limbus AI is the first Cultivator company to be acquired. Being a Saskatchewan-based startup, Limbus AI’s success reflects the growing strength and potential of the province’s technology sector and the demand for these technologies on a global scale. Limbus AI, homegrown and headquartered in Regina, has been turning heads of medical professionals and investors alike since inception.

“Having been fortunate enough to work with the team in their early days through my time at Cultivator, it has been remarkable to watch Jon, Josh, Karl and Carter build Limbus AI into a global powerhouse over the past few years. The talent and focus of this team is unmatched and they are very deserving of all the success Limbus AI has achieved to date and will continue to achieve. We believe you can build breakthrough companies from anywhere and that Saskatchewan founders are especially resilient, resourceful and great revenue generators. Limbus AI is an excellent example of this,” said Jordan McFarlen, Director of Conexus Venture Capital and previous Incubator Manager at Cultivator powered by Conexus.

Looking back to July 2023, Karl Otto (Limbus AI, CEO), Josh Giambattista (Limbus AI Director, Medical), Carter Kolbeck (Limbus AI Director, Machine Learning), and Jon Giambattista (Limbus AI Director, Software) gathered at Cultivator HQ to hit the gong to celebrate their accomplishments throughout their journey at Cultivator and to signifying the official graduation from SCALE, the third company to reach this milestone.

The company joined Cultivator back in the early days of the incubator’s conception in 2019. The Limbus AI founders have been an inspiration for our founders that joined Cultivator in years following as the company continued to exceed their metrics each quarter. By witnessing the remarkable growth and achievements of Limbus AI, our startups have been driven to emulate their visionary approach and dedication. This acquisition milestone marks another feather in the cap of Limbus AI and a benchmark of success to strive towards.

About Limbus AI: Limbus AI Inc. provides software solutions for cancer radiation therapy. Their mission is to build machine learning-based software products to improve efficiency and clinical workflows in cancer radiation treatment planning. Limbus Contour detects and applies the correct clinical template to a CT scan, and sends the contours to the treatment planning system for manual review.





What does it mean to graduate from our SCALE program?

Limbus AI has joined myComply and Precision AI as alumni companies of Cultivator. This is an esteemed group of founders who have put endless hours into their company, attending programming, participating at ecosystem events, and have worked to GROW + SCALE their business beyond the walls of Cultivator’s HQ. The alumni companies will always be a part of the Cultivator community and we will always be their #1 fans!

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