New startups amongst Cultivator GROW + SCALE programming

As Cultivator launches into yet another year of starting, growing, and scaling tech startups, we are happy to announce several new and current Cultivator startups that will be joining the GROW and SCALE programs.

Meet our new GROW companies

We have two new companies entering our GROW program: HomeTeam Live and FarmSimple.

HomeTeam Live is a hardware software company that is helping local community sports connect and grow by streaming and watching local sports from anywhere. As a Cohort 5 Demo Day winner, the HomeTeam crew is shooting to score as one of the newest Cultivator GROW companies.

FarmSimple was founded in 2018 and is an agriculture technology company that provides IoT devices and remote power solutions for farmers and ag producers who need to monitor and control critical equipment required in their operations. With years of experience in the farming industry, and being a part of the beta cohort of the Agtech Accelerator, founders Dustin and Katlin are poised and prepped for what it will take to GROW their company at Cultivator.

Meet our new SCALE companies

Three Cultivator GROW companies are graduating into our SCALE program: BudSense, Limbus AI and StoreToDoor

BudSense joined the Cultivator START program in February of 2021, and has taken their cannabis menu management software to new highs. In roughly under a year, the BudSense team has quadrupled in size including two senior engineers, and are now operating with 225 stores. After recently closing a $420,000 raise as well as a 40 store deal, BudSense founder David Thomas is more than ready to join the Cultivator SCALE program as they seek to expand into the US market.

Limbus AI joined Cultivator GROW program in August of 2019, Limbus AI Co-founders Josh and Jon Giambatista and Carter Kolbeck have become a force to be reckoned with. Achieving FDA approval in the US was just the beginning of their journey. Since then, they have performed over 40,000 patient treatments using Limbus Countour, and just recently closed a $1 million raise in Q4 of 2021. But the numbers don’t stop there! They have also more than quadrupled their team size, including a large team in the US. The Limbus AI team is a perfect fit for our SCALE program as they are installed in hundreds of clinics and operating in many countries around the world including Canada, USA, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Finland, Italy, Slovakia, Greece, and Iran.

StoreToDoor went from five deliveries in December 2020 to 8,000 deliveries in December 2021, StoreToDoor founders Scott Love and Glenn Revet are no strangers to growth. The StoretoDoor team joined the Cultivator START program in February of 2021 winning the Cohort 4 Demo Day and taking home a crisp $10,000. From there on the team has been focused so much on growth that they have created 20 jobs since July 2021 and are delivering in over 25 markets in Canada. With no signs of slowing down, we are ecstatic to welcome the StoretoDoor team into the Cultivator SCALE program.

Learn more about Cultivator’s GROW and SCALE companies HERE.

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