Recapping last weekend’s 24 Hour Startup + 3rd Birthday Bash

Over the course of 24 hours, our Cultivator team facilitated our biggest virtual competition of the year – our 24 Hour Startup! Entrepreneurs, marketers, and developers from across the prairie provinces formed teams and worked together to create an MVP that would be delivered at the pitch finale on Saturday night.

The talent of all 32 participants was showcased in every aspect as they executed their vision and collaborated in a short time frame. Here is a look at some innovative tech that was developed:

CADT (Canada’s Token) is a stable coin cryptocurrency platform that bridges the complicated process for Canadian residents wishing to participate in the $200 billion  (and growing) decentralized finance industry.

Boost Masters is a peer-peer roadside service network where customers can hire someone to help get their car jump-started in a service similar to Uber.

Floar is a membership-based intermediary technology that relives the pains associated with professional sports tickets– covering both the selling, purchasing, and transferring of ticket sales.


EthOS is an automated service that provides easy, timely, affordable, and ethical advice for new and ongoing digital transformation to reduce companies’ digital risks to an organization and society.

CollabMorph is a collaborative space for artists and animators to join together and create multi-sackable NFTs.

TeeTime is optimizing golf prices to maximize revenue for golf courses.

24 Hour Startup has become synonymous with our tech incubator. As participants presented their final pitches Saturday night, we also took the opportunity to highlight the past 3 years of Cultivator with our viewers that tuned in from across North America. Our team shared a toast and acknowledged the success of the startup ecosystem in Saskatchewan. This anniversary of Cultivator’s launch is our opportunity to reflect on the impact of the incubator’s programming and the relationship we have with the founders. We love that 24 Hour Startup breathes new life into the startup community each year and attracts the best in the business to interact in an engaging event.

Our team would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to all of our mentors, pitch scrubbers, technical judges, and pitch finale judges who spent their weekend with us assisting participants.

  • Annie Quangtakoune, McKercher
  • Tait Nystuen, MNP
  • Erin Blaskie, Fractional CMO
  • Jessica McNaughton, memoryKPR
  • Andrew Cretin, BudSense
  • Jonathan Lipoth, Rhino Ventures
Pitch Scrubbers
  • Hannah Castle, Cultivator
  • Logan Seidlik, Agreeably
  • Kirk Morrison, BudSense
Technical Judges
  • Jeremy Foster, Lumeca
  • Taylor Fox, memoryKPR
  • Tim Borgares, OneShot Golf
Pitch Finale Judges
  • Kyle Scott,  Conexus Venture Capital Inc. & Emmertech
  • Kristy Ehman, Hyon
  • Sam Dietrich, Prairie Robotics
Event Sponsors
  • Conexus Credit Union
  • McKercher LLP
  •  Innovation Place
  •  Innovation Saskatchewan
  •  iQmetrix
  •  MNP
  •  Saskatchewan Trade & Export Partnership Inc.
  •  Trade Commissioner Service – Global Affairs Canada

To end the night, we crowned the winners of the 24 Hour Startup. And the winners were…DRUMROLL…

  • 1st Place: Boost Masters($4000.00 Cash Prize)
  • ⁣2nd Place: TeeTime ($2000.00 Cash Prize)
  • People’s Choice: CADT ($1000.00 Cash Prize), receiving over 200 live votes during the finale

We can’t wait to see if some of the companies in #24HourStartup take flight into Cultivator’s programming in the coming months!

To learn more about our 24 Hour Startup HERE. And be sure to follow @CultivatorSK on social media to get the latest updates on events and what’s happening at Cultivator!

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