HYON receives SDTC Funding

KRISTY EHMAN - HYONHyon, a current Cultivator GROW company, receives SDTC (Sustainable Development Technology Canada) Seed Funding — this is the second Saskatchewan company to ever receive this funding, following Prairie Robotics, who received this funding in December 2021.

SDTC announced today their $2.6 million investment in 26 early-stage cleantech companies through its Seed Fund program, which allows small Canadian companies with big ideas to innovate and deliver solutions for a more sustainable future. 

HYON founder, Kristy Ehman, continues to evolve her startup and discover innovative ways to encourage sustainability and a circular economy. What started as a marketplace for second-hand goods has evolved into a mission to help both consumers and businesses navigate the re-commerce industry and make selling secondhand goods simple.

Kristy participated in Cultivator’s first-ever 24 Hour Startup in 2018 and has been a force in Saskatchewan tech ever since. Today, HYON has a team of 9 employees and a growing number of commercial and consumer users. We can’t wait to see what is next for the HYON team and how they will continue to revolutionize the secondhand market and drive sustainability.

Learn more about HYON and its processes at hyon.ca.

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