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April 17, 2024 Founders, News

Crafting Brewery Efficiency, One Pint at a Time

We recently had the opportunity to catch up with Shea Martin, CEO, and Founder of Brew Ninja (currently in Cultivator's SCALE program). In this exclusive FOUNDER FEATURE we "tapped" into Shea's journey as a founder and the story behind Brew Ninja... Read the full interview here!


December 15, 2023 News

16:9 Podcast features Budsense CEO + Founder: Dave Thomas

Dave Thomas, CEO + Founder of Budsense (Cultivator SCALE Company) talks about why his startup build its own digital signage solution for cannabis retailing. Listen to the full podcast or read the interview here!


December 6, 2023 Founders, News, Programming

Serese Selanders is scaling safety with SolusGuard

In this Cultivator ‘Founder Feature’, Serese provides us with a glimpse into SolusGuard's journey, the dedicated team behind its success, and the unique products and services they offer to enhance lone worker safety. Buckle up and dive in!


July 25, 2023 Founders, News

Limbus AI graduates from Cultivator’s SCALE program

Karl Otto (Limus AI - CEO), Josh Giambattista (Limus AI Director - Medical), Carter Kolbeck (Limbus AI Director - Machine Learning), and Jon Giambattista (Limbus AI Director - Software) joined us for a celebratory gathering that honored their accomplishments throughout their journey at Cultivator.


June 12, 2023 News

StoreToDoor named in top 15 tech companies redefining the industry

"In this article, (StoreToDoor - Cultivator SCALE company - is showcased alongside) 15 fascinating startups that are making waves in the Canadian media and entertainment scene. These startups are pushing boundaries, disrupting traditional norms, and reshaping the future of the industry."


May 30, 2023 News

SolusGuard won a $50,000 investment prize at Uniting the Prairies (UP) Conference

SolusGuard, a Cultivator SCALE company, founded by Serese Selanders, won a $50,000 investment prize at Uniting the Prairies (UP) Conference provided by the Firehood, an angel group dedicated to women-led tech innovations.


March 22, 2023 Founders, News

Hot Off(Street) the press

Offstreet, a Cultivator SCALE company, announced the closing of a $1.2M seed round. Read the full release from the OffStreet team here!


December 15, 2022 News

Offstreet shares their secrets to success on the road to raising

We had the honour of getting into the passenger seat of what it's like on the journey for Offstreet as they work to scale their startup and hit some significant growth milestones heading into 2023. Sit down, buckle up, and give this FOUNDER FEATURE a read!


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